Letter from Pat Tinney at the Robin’s Nest in Kenya  May 2012


 Hello my friends & family, it is still rainy season so it usually rains in the  afternoon or evening/night. The sun shines in the morning so that is a good time  to go into town. The air is generally cooler than when I first came so better  for sleeping. The tiny baby I told you about in my last letter died a couple  days later & the following Sunday the young parents were in church [as they have  been since] & the pastor brought them up to the front and asked me to say a  prayer for them. The lady taken to hospital improved for a few days but died  about 10 days later. I attended her visitation with the pastor & his wife on the  Sunday after church service.

  Four young men, 3 from Australia & 1 from Uganda,  formed a FEED AFRICA team  through Robins Nest & arrived April 11th with a welcome lunch prepared by a  couple ladies on the committee. Two of them slept in a bedroom at the end of the  storage building & the other two in my spare room, but all shared my kitchen,  bathrooms, office etc. With in 24 hours my drinking water was gone, the next day  I had no milk for my tea. Another day I put water in a pot to boil for my  coffee; I turned around & came back & found porridge in it. I went to charge my  phone & the power bar was gone! It was a little chaotic at times. They had  laptops, camera equipment, guitars all around. They delivered maize & fertilizer  to the committee, staff, local people like widows, then to families of the  children here that had land; those that didn’t received ground maize to cook  ugalie. Then for 2 weeks they went to a province north of here where people are  more primitive & mostly raise goats & cattle, so these people are nomadic, they  move with their cattle where they can find grass. When two of them came back to  get the rest of their items they left here, they woke me up at 4.00 am in the  morning, they showered & left for the airport. The young man from Uganda didn't  go with them, he went back to Uganda, and then went to New York for another job.  The 4th man came down with malaria & flew home from Turkana. The little girl I  took for a hearing test has a temporary  hearing aide now, speaking more now &  smiling more. She had impression done for a permanent one. A 6 year old boy that  hasn't been gaining weight, I've been pushing to see a specialist or  endocrinologist. Took him to a paediatrician in Kitale [2 hours away] Our nurse  heard he was a good Dr. Had to wait 3 hours, then @ hours for results of blood &  stool tests [went for some lunch in that break] A father came rushing through  the waiting area holding a bundle in his arms saying it is an emergency, a woman  following. A few minutes later some one was bringing the woman out  distraught &  crying. I knew that baby had gone to heaven. Later another  woman [pregnant] came  up to me & said the Dr refused to see her young child because she didn't have  enough money. She showed me the child’s swollen feet & abdomen [You know what I  did!!] Last Friday I had a staff meeting with a couple men from the bank about  setting up accounts for them, they will waive their ATM card fees, now just have  to wait to see if they will waive salary processing fees, they all filled out  applications.

  The  Africans really celebrate at a wedding, they stand at the front of the church &  sing before the bride & groom arrive & when they do arrive they all run outside  & weddings don't start on time!!! There were about 30 bridesmaids, junior  bridesmaids & flower girls dancing up the isle. The pastor gave about  1 hour  sermon before they did the vows. Neighbour children are peering in through the  windows & doors to watch. I am in the process of trying to find someone to cover  for our house keeper Alice as she took sick, had to get a ride in to take her to  hospital & she had surgery. Robin wants some of the 3 ladies on the committee to  volunteer, but no such luck. One lady is too elderly. So far a neighbour who is  a retired nurse is helping. I have another lady on standby if needed. On Monday  May 7th we celebrated World Orphans Day with other area orphanages 7 staff,  managers etc by parading a km to Kandui Children’s home, having entertainment by  the children & speeches. I was at a couple planning meetings with district  children’s officers & children’s rights leader. Our children read a poem & sang  2 songs & 2 of them said a thank you on behalf of all the children that I wrote  for them. A week from yesterday Marg & Dave from Australia arrive to take over  my position. I will have a few weeks to orientate them. {Which I didn't have  because of my short notice].Then on May 30th Ross arrives in Kisumu. I am going  to take a couple days off & go on a safari national park before coming back  here. I can't believe my time is nearing the end. I am on the count down. I hope  this letter goes through, it is about the 3rd one I have written & then lost  because of problems with the network, I will be glad to be back in Canada to a  good network, but right now I hope to come back to Kenya. Kenya needs health  clinics that will see children whether they can pay or not. God is at work,  blessings to all of you. Love Pat

Pat Tinney
Independent Luxury Consultant
Global Wealth Trade Corporation

Messages from Pat Tinney

Hi   Lift up Your Spirit day friends  & guests.

Last year at this time some of you saw  my dream board up on the wall & one of the things I've felt called to do is help  less fortunate people in third world countries especially orphans in Africa &  here I am in Kenya as administrator of Robins Nest orphanage.

It is owned by Robin & Graham Byrnes of  Australia. Robin grew up in Simcoe & her father lives in Renton, She & her  husband were home about  three years ago & spoke to Woodhouse UCW & Grace was  invited. I talked to Robin then & told her I would like to help at an orphanage  sometime.

   This past December Robin was  desperately looking for someone to administrate as the other family there were  leaving.   As my donation & request for a news letter were going through Old  Windham United she said ''I remember talking to her'' ''Lee give her a call &  ask if she is interested in coming'' When he called me, I said'' yes sometime''.  He said here is Robins e-mail, e-mail her. She said'' come in 6 days''

   After giving it some prayerful  consideration, I felt God was giving me the opportunity & saying yes GO.I made  arrangements for needles needed, a Dr appointment, packed some soap dispensers &  sunglasses & a few outfits. My son couldn't imagine how I could go for almost 6  months with only one suitcase    ''Lift up Your Spirit'' Friends sent me off  with prayers & a prayer shawl & I was here in two weeks from the day I received  the call.

   There are twenty six children here at  the orphanage with live in house parents of which 3 of the children are their  own. Only two children aren't in school yet. Two brothers go to a boarding  school but come to the Nest for their holidays. They are total orphans as both  parents have died [ the mother of aids], they have two younger   sisters that  Robin wants to bring here when she gets the second house finished.

    I lead Sunday school every Sunday, with  the surrounding children invited I can have from 40 -54 children & they love to  sing. Every other Sunday I do crafts or drawing with them, the other Sundays I  go to a Grace Tabernacle church[ I met the pastor downtown].

    I did some outreach visits with the  social worker, visiting aunts or uncles or grandparents of the children here. We  took some supplies like rice, tea, sugar etc and the child so they can maintain  some sense of connection. Some children have been totally abandoned that we have  no contacts for them.

   Sometimes, I accompany a sick child to  a clinic. I pay all the staff here, (social worker, nurse, secretary, four  guards, three farm workers, two house parents & one housekeeper,) and deal with  any staff issues that arise.

    It is a very poor country.  People do  all kind of things to earn a shilling. There are markets & little huts for  selling clothes, vegetables, fruits, chickens, eggs, maize, maize flower for  Ugali. They are all over the streets trying to sell locks, belts, books, news  paper, phones & yes people here walk around with phones like they do in Canada.

   Before the cell phones they couldn't  afford land lines so this has made an amazing change in their lives.

   I have attended an African funeral,  visitation & an African wedding.

   Many see white people as having a lot  of money but some are so appreciative they see us as helping their people.    Some days can be very taxing but I am enjoying the many challenges God has put  before me & look forward to sharing more with all of you when I get home.

   Blessings for this day.

   Love to all, Pat Tinney

" Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass. It's about learning to dance  in the rain." Vivian Greene

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