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For the last 2 years Reena has been without a sponsor due to COVID-19 issues and the loss of an aging supporter. Reena has been attending a pleasant private girl’s school in Jhansi where she has excelled and feels comfortable with her friends. We feel it’s in her best interests not to stop her studies just because we can’t find a sponsor. 

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“He shall cover you with his feathers and under His wings you shall take refuge”
(Psalm 91:4)

Robin’s Nest Global C.H.I.L.D. is a registered Australian charity supporting vulnerable children and working ‘with’ their impoverished villages in Kenya and India. Only through partnership with YOU can we achieve our purpose to safely monitor funds to work towards meeting basic needs through providing a balanced upbringing and care, clean water, nutritional food, medical care, spiritual development, sanitation, security, shelter, and career-based education all aiming to preserve their self-worth and character. This holistic upbringing is aiming to preserve their dignity with equality in a healthy, peaceful, sensitive and safe environment.

By first listening compassionately to our YOUTH and local communities about their needs, we work thoughtfully with our referred youth and their villages to develop educational Youth Empowerment Programs and Sustainable Action Projects to inspire and encourage growth toward their greatest capacity. (A ‘referred child’ is a dear one that is recommended by our local chief, children’s’ services, police or village elders, normally from kindergarten age and sometimes younger depending on the circumstances).

We believe that we can bring HOPE for a BRIGHTER FUTURE by embracing the 17 United Nations Global Goals in all that we do as this is the key to end world poverty, defeat inequality and while on this same journey, we revive our green world, by being conscious of wiping off our global footprint through such activities as reforestation of all trees we use for paper, fencing, construction, tissues, newspapers, text books, photo copies, receipts, book work, packaging, afforestation, composting, reducing our carbon use, organic farming and up cycling wherever we can.

Robin’s Nest Global C.H.I.L.D. is the acronym for our goals:

Community Health Independence Learning Development

To raise the voices of our vulnerable children and their communities, we strive to promote their challenges through various social media platforms and technology to drive ACTION, raise AWARENESS and emphasize ACCOUNTABILITY.

All this can be accomplished with YOUR PARTNERSHIP and support in our child sponsorship programs and good-will donations to our 10 SUSTAINABLE ACTION PROJECTS below.

We envisage a world in which our children can live without poverty, no inequality, and a peaceful, stable, and healthy environment by building a brighter and sustainable future for all.

For further information and a way to be a world changer make a single CLICK on one of our 10 ACTION PROGRAMS in the below photo carousel slider-bar.

Once you are on the information page, if you so choose, you can partner with us as a ‘World Changer’ by merely clicking on its link to donate.

Child Sponsorship

  • Assisting vulnerable children.
  • Education preschool – to year 12 secondary school graduation (ages 4 to 18).

Scholarship Assistance

  • Assisting VULNERABLE Youth with little or no support from guardians or village.
  • Over 18 years and graduated from post-Secondary

Sustainable Poultry

  • Financial independence and job creation.
  • To read more about this vital sustainability project with details and full budget plan please CLICK here

Clean Water

  • Constructing ‘wells’ needed for hygiene, hydration, and sanitization improving health and livelihood.

Food and Medical Relief

  • Relieving poverty AND MALNUTRITION BY GIVING AID to our referred children’s villages FOR A BOOST NUTRITIONALLY, GIVING as a sense of wellbeing to the families, HOPE, and encouragement.

Women's Tailoring

  • Women empowerment.
  • Enriched lifestyle.
  • Financial and social independence AND a lifetime of sustainability.


  • Independence, dignity, sense of ownership, respect, privacy, and a personal belonging place…a place they can call home and put their feet up.
  • Security, peace and comfort that everyone is entitled to.

Student Café

  • Student Vocational Training/Job Creation project
  • Firsthand experience and training in Customer Relations, Hospitality and Waiting Tables


  • Replacing/planting every tree that we have used in our RNGC action projects since 2010.
  • Replacing all the paper, textbooks, packaging, fence posts, building structures, tree coal for cooking food and sticks to start fires 3 times a day.

Youth Empowerment

  • Women empowerment.
  • Equal opportunities.
  • Spiritual development