Action Plan #3

Digging Wells and Safe Water

Assisting vulnerable children with their goals to improve the education and opportunities from ages 4 to 18.

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Digging Wells and SAFE WATER targets:

  • Constructing ‘wells’ needed for hygiene, hydration, and sanitization improving health and livelihood
  • Eradicating jiggers (internal round worm parasites latching to live on the blood from children’s fingers, toes and heads) through the additional hygiene water provided to improve their health to stop fevers from the infestation in their bodies and disfiguring their appendages. Video is available at request from as is rather confronting.
  • Making water more accessible with closer proximity to oppressed family’s homes also creates prosperity, income building and self-sustainability. With the time saved daily by moms and children from having to walk miles with jerry cans on their heads to and from clean water, the mothers can then utilise this wasted time to build an income in other capacities and tend to their families. Closely located wells, creates more equality for women and children who normally must walk great distances to collect clean water. The mothers, widows or marginalized can then spend their deserving time in raising money for their family and the children can freely go to school on time, read their books, and do homework rather than wasting most of their day fetching water.
  • Creating jobs, prosperity, and a sustainable environment for growing crops as increased produce increases the economy greatly as crops are available during starvation months plus water increases the bioavailability. This accessible water allows for vital irrigation in their fields during drought and the starvation season which in turn helps avail an abundance of otherwise denied nutritional fresh-organic food, and create financial independence, equality, dignity, and self-esteem.
  • There are further expenses we need funding so our students to receive clean water, it must be pumped into costly large tanks with reliable electrical power to be stored in tanks to be available during the dry months and drought. This increases our monthly electricity bill by about $20.00 per month where the children live. We also need to carefully purify the water with chlorine which also increases our students’ living costs. We need funds for purchasing tanks to store water as well as taps, piping, ladders to climb to the top to purify the water regularly and labour costs to build the initial infrastructure and wages for continuing maintenance. 
  • We need to purchase a bigger motor for our farm shallow hand dug water ‘well’ to provide adequate irrigation for our fields, fishpond and animals.
  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:
    Living on the land & safe water/ reversing poverty/ zero hunger/ good health and wellbeing/ clean water and sanitation/ decent work and economic growth/ reduced inequalities/ sustainable communities/ responsible consumption and production/ Embrace YOUR global partnership with us for worldly sustainable development.


  • The specific UN Global Goals mentioned above that we include in our action project are: