Action Plan #2

Scholarship Programs

Assisting vulnerable children with their goals to improve the education and opportunities from ages 4 to 18.

Vocational Training / Scholarship Program involves:

  • Assisting VULNERABLE Youth with little or no support from guardians or village.
  • Over 18 years and graduated from post-Secondary

Partial Sponsorship:
 School Fees
Basic Food
Clean Water
Mosquito Net
Guardian Care.

Shared Sponsorship:
School Fees
Basic Food
Clean Water
Mosquito Net
Field Trips
School Bag
Table, Chair and Reading Light
Child Social Worker
Youth Counsellor,
Spiritual development for guidance through their life’s journey

Full Sponsorship
All of the above PLUS:
Where Most Needed in Education for example
Technology/ Laptops
Drivers’ Licence
Personal Development
First Aid Certification and Further Education

  • Assisting in applying for college loans, receiving guidance for college-based careers, developing resumes, job interview coaching and career counselling. Assisting them toward independent living as funds, time and manpower are available.
  • Encouragement to guide students in relation to their skillsets, interests, and talents in choosing appropriate and affordable: colleges, polytechnical institutes, universities, apprenticeships or help with small business start-ups or finding employment and relevant training if available.
  • Careers based skills & training support such as first aid, driver’s license, office training or other life skills training.
  • Well being/counselling and Youth Empowerment Conferences are made available to help with guidance in ethics, character building, budgeting, teenage pregnancy, hygiene, nutrition, leadership and so on.
  • Provision of an adequate study environment with light, desk, and chair.
  • Reforestation education and facilitation to continue replacing the trees we use whilst using wood for daily cooking, textbooks, paper, packaging photocopying, tissues etc
  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:
    Reversing poverty/ quality education/ equal opportunity/ justice/ zero hunger/ good health and wellbeing/ gender equality/ job creation/ responsible consumption and production/ live in harmony with nature/ Embrace in global partnership with YOU for sustainable development. 
  • The specific UN Global Goals mentioned above that we include in our action project are: