Action Plan #7

Shelter and Community Development

Assisting vulnerable children with their goals to improve the education and opportunities from ages 4 to 18.

Shelter & Community Development aims to provide:

  • Warmth and protection from the elements and malaria, snakes, mice, cockroaches and so on with a   traditional mud hut construction for the oppressed, widows, and our deserving parentless students.
  • Independence, dignity, sense of ownership, respect, privacy, and a personal belonging place…a place they can call home and put their feet up.
  • Security, peace and comfort that everyone is entitled to.
  • Affordable dwellings with the capability to be cost free for maintenance as the residents can use locally found materials from the earth for free and repair their mud houses themselves.
  • A Youth Transition Home is an accepting and peaceful place for our parentless youth to live as a family using these 2 rented units as a landing platform for support and help when there is no place else to go or they have not managed to get employment yet or in a personal crisis in their lives. Here as funds and expertise permit they receive skills-based enrichment taught by locals such as first aid courses, career-guidance, tailoring, family planning, ethical living, budgeting, spiritual development, computer training, drivers licence training, school tutoring business management or subject tutoring.
  • Assistance and direction for youth entering college, jobs, careers with ethical living and budgeting skills and getting settled in the community to gain their independence when finances, expertise and manpower are available.
  • Facilitation in community capacity development in skills-based enrichment taught by locals and specialists from Red Cross, hospital staff, social workers, pastors, missionaries’, humanitarians, staff from the Ministry of Kenyan Agriculture to teach in various areas such as first aid courses, career-guidance, family planning, spiritual development courses, business management, and silage workshops.
  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:
    Eradicating poverty/ zero hunger/ good health and wellbeing/ gender equality/ clean water and sanitation/ reduced inequalities in diversity and justice/ sustainable communities/ capacity building/ responsible consumption and production/ Embracing global partnerships together for sustainable global development.


  • The specific UN Global Goals mentioned above that we include in our action project are: