Action Plan #4

Rescue & Relief Food / Medical

Assisting vulnerable children with their goals to improve the education and opportunities from ages 4 to 18.

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Rescue & Relief Food / Medical Deliveries focus on:

  • Relieving poverty and malnutrition by giving aid to our referred children’s villages for a boost nutritionally, giving a sense of wellbeing, hope, and encouragement to the families.
  • Inclusion and, at the same time, bringing goodwill for widows and people in remote areas to give them a feeling of connectedness.
  • Building self-worth and dignity, improving health, and increasing connectivity knowing someone cares. This helps them in times of crisis and enables them to have a decent family Christmas celebration with a meal, medication and sanitation by providing soaps to increase hygiene and health.

    If we know the family needs urgent help with malaria tablets, typhoid medicine, ear drops, bandages, thermoses, food warmers, blankets, cough medicine or clothes we add necessary items into the package whilst our finances and manpower are available.

  • Helping to alleviate inequality to widows and those living in extreme poverty through this relief supplementation. This way they are given at least some assistance in this small way while other influential families are enjoying a nice dinner during the starvation months, dry seasons, famine, or Christmas season, whilst they otherwise have nothing. We feel it is decent, our social responsibility and a human act of kindness to be the catalyst that creates a little bit more equality and happiness within our villages.This particular gift makes the oppressed feel included and connected at some level with other more influential families especially at these joyous times of year. It also gives our branch family a chance to share with their extended families, trade and reach out themselves receiving that feeling that they can also bring joy to someone else at Christmas or other times. We often find if they don’t share when being blessed no matter how poor, they can be shunned by the rest of the village so they may be forced to share anyway but everyone shares giving more to all.
  • Alleviating temporal oppressions families, especially during the COVID crisis so single moms, widows or marginalized families receive monthly food drops to supplement their meagre budgets. The deliveries can only be done if we have the manpower, receive donations and if the family has a monthly sponsor.
  • Our sponsored college students enjoy organizing the food drops as they have been doing since young children and love to receive that “feel good feeling” people get when they are enabled to help someone in need or less fortunate than themselves. They see doing these food/medical deliveries as an opportunity to ‘give back’ and make a difference in people’s lives just like YOU have done to them in their lives.

    It does them a world of good to be the deliverer and messenger of hope with your good-will gifts. This desire to bring joy into people’s lives has been instilled into their hearts since young children as they have always been the main force behind planning, organizing, and driving the food and medical deliveries.

    See video by clicking here. SEE PHOTOS here are of our student’s doing food & medical deliveries in remote and oppressed areas since they were young children. The children loved this action activity so much that when one person in the children’s home yelled out “FOOD DROPS! All the kids would scurry around together immediately and excitedly start packaging the food stuff ready for the specific families. It’s like every child knows their job and they do it as easily as breathing and they take it so seriously. Still to this day, it’s been in their blood for so long making this precious difference in character since 2007 when our food drop project was initiated by our RN Robins Nest National Coordinator Jan Suffolk-Wekesa.

  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:
    Relieving poverty/ zero hunger/ good health and wellbeing/ gender equality/ reduced inequalities/ Embrace YOUR global partnership with us for worldwide sustainable development


  • The specific UN Global Goals mentioned above that we include in our action project are: