Action Plan #6

Poultry and Farm Project

Assisting vulnerable children with their goals to improve the education and opportunities from ages 4 to 18.

Poultry & Farm Project comprises:

  • Financial independence and job creation.
  • Pilfering control, security/guarding, transparent bookkeeping, regular auditing, ethical practice, and no corruption zone.
  • Skills building and training for ethical animal rearing, maintaining strict hygiene as priority, remaining environmentally friendly. Students take enrichment courses to keep up on the latest for raising poultry.
  • Building public relations. We keep a list of our customers and treat them very responsibly and kindly by name. We know that at least 85% of businesses success is due to customer relations to maintain our repeat customers.
  • Working economically and practically, always keeping current records of funds and chickens, being prudent with security of money and chickens, using best business practices, evaluating, reporting, and promoting transparency and accountability.
  • Fundraising to jumpstart this project fully if together, we can raise $5018.00.
  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:
    Living on the land & safe water/ reversing poverty/ zero hunger/ good health and wellbeing/ quality education & training/ gender equality/ clean water and sanitation/ affordable and clean energy/ decent work and economic growth/ reduced inequalities/ sustainable communities/ capacity building/ responsible consumption and production/ Embrace global partnership with YOU to work toward sustainable world-wide development.


  • The specific UN Global Goals mentioned above that we include in our action project are: 

Poultry Project Business Plan

To read more about this vital sustainability project with details and full budget plan please: